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Clip-in, sewn-in, tape-in, glue-in, beaded hair extensions…Help!

We have so many options for hair extensions in 2020.This can feel so daunting when you’re looking for a hair extension solution for something important coming up/happening in your life

What Makes Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions Different?

I started wearing hair extensions over a decade ago. At that time, Great Lengths Hair Extensions and clip-in hair extensions were all you got.

Attending the September PWG of Fort Worth Luncheon

I am new to networking. It does not come naturally to me and even when I’m “networking” I always think I’m doing it wrong. “Am I meeting enough people?”

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

The number one question I receive from consultations, friends and family, those around me when I tell them what I do for a living is “Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?”

New Hair,New You