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Getting Married? Thinking about hair extensions?

Getting married isn’t just about the wedding day anymore. There are “surprise” engagement photos, actual engagement photos, bridal portraits, bachelorette photos (on lockdown forever),

New Hair, New You

You chopped all your hair off in defiance to the old and now you’re three months into the pain that is known as ‘growing your hair out’

Hair Thinning After Baby?

We have all heard a baby will wreck your hair. You either gain a ton of hair when you are pregnant or lose it all once that sweet bundle of joy enters the world.

Look and Feel Your Best in Front of the Camera

Headshot’s are crucial in the acting/model world. They convey your personality as well as your versatility and you keep them around forever because it’s a pain in the ass to shoot a whole new batch of photos.

Nano-Bead Hair Extensions