What Makes Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions Different?

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I started wearing hair extensions over a decade ago. At that time, Great Lengths Hair Extensions and clip-in hair extensions were all you got. Take your pick: you can either hot glue your extensions into your hair OR you can clip them/tape them in for the night and pray to God they don’t slip or fall out before you get home. It was a great time to be a hair extension company because the market was yours for the taking! But…not so great of an experience if you were on the consumer side of this.

Present day? We have at least ten well known hair extension companies (Balmain, Great Lengths, LuxyHair, Bellami, NBR, Hand-Tied, the list can go on…) all telling you why you should choose them over their competitors. This was not an easy decision to create my own line knowing I would be “competing” with this market. The hair extension business also falls privy to some not so nice news about the cons, risks, and financial investment one could run into when adding this service to their lifestyle.

But here we are, folks! This business is my passion because hair extensions have been an extension (guuuuysss….I had to) of my own life personally and professionally for 14 years. I have worn all of the above methods multiple times, honed in on what worked and what is seriously lacking, and got clear on who Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions are really for. Did you know some hair extensions are too heavy for your hair causing breakage no matter how perfectly placed they may be? Or that you could have the unfortunate smell of mold with very popular brands on the market due to bacteria build up around the stitching? All of this and more went into crafting the gentlest, most discrete hair extension on the market today: Millie Pearl.

Three Key Factors That Set Us Apart:

  • Silicon Lined Beads. Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions are installed using the tiniest of beads that are lined with silicon. This was such an important decision to have protection between your natural hair and the hair extensions/bead itself. Our clients not only experience less breakage with this small but powerful addition, but also GROWTH in their own hair once it’s time to take the extensions out. Creating the protective layer of silicon to act as a buffer between your lovely hair and the metal bead is what truly makes Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions unlike any brand on the market.
  • Quality of hair. We spent one whole year testing, ordering, examining, researching, lighting on fire (oh yeah, did you know some big name brands can actually sell you synthetic hair instead of real human hair and it catches fire?), washing, curling, cutting, to find THE best quality of real remy human hair on the market. Not every batch was a winner and we had our fair share of samples that shed, got seriously tangled, caught on fire, and felt horrible to the touch. Being a small business meant we could take the time to source and test the most important piece of our brand: the hair! Now, Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions can firmly say we are the leader in high-quality and high-end hair extensions because it’s what we know. You can expect to wear our hair extensions for 6-9 months with ZERO shedding and ZERO tangling. The quality holds up in ALL climates so you can look fabulous swinging that hair in the city or lounging on a cabana by the ocean. #youglowgirl
  • Attention to detail. In all the hair extensions I have personally worn, they were installed and cut by professionals I sought out with high hopes they would deliver a service that is easily charged $1,500.00 in Dallas, Texas. Little did I know EVERY TIME, that no one knows how to cut hair extensions. Like, no one. This became INCREDIBLY frustrating knowing I would be paying this huge amount of money and then have to go pay someone else to fix this awful “blending” job they claimed to offer. It is the Millie Pearl MISSION to always, always, always have you leave the salon and get complimented on your hair for it looking GREAT and not for it looking like EXTENSIONS. Our attention to detail is something you cannot buy and something no other hair extension specialist can give you because this is not taught, it is learned. Your natural hair will never be cut while we blend the hair extensions and you will never have to worry about people silently thinking to themselves, “Those are hair extensions.”.

Jaylen Quinn

Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions is located in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. and offers a concierge, at-home service so you can relax in your own home while your hair gets the full makeover.

Think you’re a fit for Millie Pearl? Email us: hello@milliepearl.com

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