Do hair extensions damage your hair?

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The number one question I receive from consultations, friends and family, those around me when I tell them what I do for a living is “Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?”

The answer, so eloquently put by Allie from The Notebook, is:
“It’s not that simple.”

There are so many types of hair extensions and hair pieces on the market today and each come with their own warning sticker. Our natural hair comes in all forms (thin, thick, wavy, straight, super curly, super frail, etc.) and with your unique head of hair there is an ideal form of hair enhancement for YOU. However, YOU are the key factor in whether hair extensions damage your hair or not. Yes, yes, the stylist must install the hair correctly and know what the heck they are doing as far as maintenance, but you’re wearing the hair day in and day out and that comes with some responsibility for the care of your extension hair as well as your natural.

I created Millie Pearl High-end Hair Extensions because I was tired of selling (and wearing) hair extensions that were at higher risk of damaging a clients hair because of tape, glue, and tight wefts. I found no matter how great I took care of my hair, the loss of hair by the end of my season with them was always a punch to the gut. I knew there had to be a better way to protect the clients natural hair while allowing them to thoroughly wash their scalp (did you know that poor scalp care is one of the leading causes of hair loss?) as well as have individual hair strands that would move comfortably from all angles without glueing or taping them into your hair with a thick, strong keratin.


  • Your natural hair sheds between 100-125 strands A DAY! With ANY extension method this means all that hair we are losing from natural causes are hanging out inside the extension until you get it maintenanced and cleaned out. This is why I love my removable nano-bead method versus the bonded keratin tip hair extensions. I have found it’s super important to clean out the shedding every 6-8 weeks to avoid ANY matting that will occur with the old hair that’s shed and the new hair that’s still intact at the scalp.
  • Your stylist will only see you a handful of times while you wear your extensions so it’s of upmost importance that you are using the best products, following their instructions on proper hair care, and never neglecting the new head of hair you’re walking around with every single day to make sure you keep the safety of your natural hair in tact. I can’t tell you how many clients I have had who don’t follow the instructions because they think, “Oh what’s the big whoop, I’ll just style it like I style my own hair…” and have rats-nests at the roots of their hair when I see them for maintenance.
  • Influencers and magazines are so quick to point out that hair extensions are BAD for your hair when in reality it’s all about the person who’s wearing them that determines 80% of the damage or not.
    Tape, glue, weft, hand-tied, are all high risk hair extensions in my professional opinion. I have worn them all (thank God for photos because I have proof) and I either experienced hair loss, neck pain, inability to get a good night’s sleep because of the pain on my scalp, and headaches for weeks when some of these methods were applied. I started to believe this was “normal” and “just what comes with the territory” but this is NOT. TRUE!! Hair extensions should NEVER give you neck pain, scalp pain for weeks, or bald spots once removed. I created a line that not only is the most discrete bead on the market but the most comfortable to wear from day one.

With all that said, my line of hair extensions are nano-bead. They are silicon lined so that way your natural hair is always protected from the individual bead we secure to your hair, and they are teeny tiny which is never detected inside your hair. They lay completely flat, incredibly lightweight (you will forget you’re wearing them until you see yourself in the mirror), and have a 360-degree movability so your hair can blow in the wind as God intended. I am so proud to offer this method to my clients because it’s revolutionary in it’s approach to “safe” hair extensions. Like I mentioned earlier, “damage”, “good for your hair”, “safe” are all relative depending on the care you take of the hair extensions, but in developing Millie Pearl I knew this was going to transform the hair extension market as we know it with all the pro’s I saw versus the con’s.

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