Clip-in, sewn-in, tape-in, glue-in, beaded hair extensions…Help!

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We have so many options for hair extensions in 2020.

This can feel so daunting when you’re looking for a hair extension solution for something important coming up/happening in your life (wedding, formal, hair loss, holiday party, new baby, etc). I’ve always been of the mindset that hair extensions can change your life by creating a confidence in you that will radiate from the inside out with a great head of hair. When not installed/cut properly OR color matched properly, you are left with self-consciousness rather than self-esteem.

No thank you.

Every hair extension technique on the market has gotten a bad rap at some point which instantly has a client thinking her only “safe” solution would be clip-in hair extensions and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for the woman looking to add slight length and more volume to a once-in-a-awhile occasion; not an every day, extreme length transformation. To create that big, luscious head full of hair you need quite literally, a head full of hair. If you’re prone to a finer head of hair lemme tell ya: thick, long hair is HEAVY. It’s heavy when it’s naturally growing out of someones head and it’s heavy when it’s stitched together to create a clip-in hair extension.

I know, I know, clip-ins are more affordable, low maintenance, and can match fairly well when professionally purchased. However, the pressure of the clip-in tab puts on your hair when you’re constantly popping them in out partnered with the weight of either little clips around your head or one giant weft of hair, can lead to weakening your hair in that spot and sometimes hair loss. Yikes! The maintenance turns high on this method of hair extension when it comes to washing/taking care of if it as it needs to be washed separate from your own hair when cleansing.

Tape-in and glue-in hair extensions…

Do. Not. Let. Advertising. Fool. You!

I see videos all day long on social media showing you how easy tape-in extensions slide off a clients hair or how effortlessly glue-in (keratin bonded) extensions melt away…but y’all…what happens when you’re at home and one of those pieces falls out? Catches on your jacket as you’re taking it off? You roll over on your hair in the middle of the night? That’s right. It rips out all of that hair in that area the extension was attached to.


Any type of hair extension using a glue or tape (even if it’s considered “gentle”) is to be highly cautioned. We have better, safer options on the market that can achieve the same if not better result, quality, and extended wear for those who want full-time hair extensions. Do your research about the hair extension brand being used, the professional installing the hair, and ask the hard hitting questions about damage up front so you know what you’re getting into should you choose to proceed with one of these two options.

Now sewn-in/hand tied hair extensions have REALLY hit the scene with their marketing of stunning before and after transformations. I would say this method of hair extension has been the most talked about since 2018, peaking the consumers interest in this miracle-like solution to all of their hair problems. Length, volume, mind-blowing braids instantly with the help of tiny beads attached strategically around your head to be marketed as the gentlest form of hair extensions to date.

With popular brands on the crankin’ out head after head of hand tied hair extensions, it leaves one to wonder what could possibly be wrong with this process? In my professional experience it hasn’t been the process but the at-home/after care.

Dreading/matting through the row of hair where the extension is attached is one of the biggest red flags that they are not being properly installed and a client is left with damaging results, along with alopecia from too much weight pulling on the clients hair from the weft, and a mildew like odor emanating due to the lack of movement/mobility in the hair extension causing the client to not be able to properly wash/cleanse in between the hair extension and their natural hair.

Sew-in/hand tied hair extensions hit the market hard and fast with their amazing marketing that we are just starting to realize it may be more smoke and mirrors than groundbreaking technology.

Knowing all of these facts, trying every style of hair extension on the market over the last decade, led me to create a hair extension line I could honestly say would be lightweight, discrete, and extremely gentle on your natural hair.

Millie Pearl Hair Extensions exclusively installs nano-bead technology which has barely hit the American market for hair extension technique. Our beads are 1/8th smaller than the traditional micro-bead hair extension, weightless, and lined with silicon to protect your hair against the metal bead that holds it all together. Nano-bead is the future of hair extensions because it offers all of the same great qualities of it’s older, out-dated sister the micro-bead, but with way more perks. The small bead provides incredible discretion which is important to the Millie Pearl Hair Extension line. We are not marketing mermaid hair or #longhairdontcare, but instead letting your natural beauty shine through with the help of our hair. We want the world to see YOU first, not your hair extensions. Our nano-bead hair extensions also allows your hair to move 360 degrees so washing/caring for your hair becomes a literal extension of you without added stress of matting, odor, or slipping.

We are located in Highland Park, TX. and offer concierge services for those clients who wish to stay home and have the transformation come to them. For more information/before and after photos, please visit

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