Attending the September PWG of Fort Worth Luncheon

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I am new to networking. It does not come naturally to me and even when I’m “networking” I always think I’m doing it wrong. “Am I meeting enough people?” “Oh God, I didn’t even hear what she said, it’s so loud in here, just smile and nod and pretend you heard her name….” “I’ll just plop myself right over here at this corner table and if people want to talk to me they can and if not, then, I guess I will not talk to them either….”

When I found PWG I was brand new to the wedding space and knew I had to start doing the whole song and dance that is networking. Little did I know this wasn’t your typical networking event. It’s half networking (like the first 30 minutes) (and there’s always an open bar) (and you’re surrounded by eager wedding professionals, mostly female, who are feeling the same way you are) and half educational. Every luncheon hosts a speaker or two that discusses an array of topics (from contracts to Pinterest) and have honed in and crafter their said space in the wedding world. It’s the best “networking” I’ve ever been to!

This months luncheon was planned by Linda Lyons of Lyons Events at The Vintage Rail in Fort Worth.


This space was beautifully styled by local wedding vendors which is so awesome to see what each and every one come up with for the different luncheons around the metroplex. The Lace Bouquet styled the florals/centerpieces. Lawson Event Rentals took care of all the seating/place settings/table clothes/etc.


I mentioned open bar above and boy did this bartending crew do an awesome job! DFW Bartending had two specialty drinks they were serving as well as beer, wine, whatever else you could think of! It was the perfect size for your wedding reception as it took up very little room and the woman working the event were great. Highly recommend!

The meal was catered by Hard Eight BBQ and I was super excited to see their name on our lunch menu (created also by Linda Lyons other business: Lyons Paperie ). I will sayyyyy in all honesty, the meal was great except for the chicken. Chicken is hard to serve at a big event (wedding especially) because you have to be careful not to dry it out and not give the whole event food poisoning from undercooking it. With our event they made sure it was dry enough to not really eat BUT! The salad, bread, potatoes and booooy that buttermilk pie were top notch.



What would an event/wedding reception be without photographers, videographers, and a DJ to make the party a PARTY?! Our luncheon had the crews of Silver Bear Creative, Beatbox Portraits, and LeForce Entertainment providing great ambiance and documenting the entire afternoon. AND! I briefly made the video so there’s proof of me being there! Huzzah!

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