Special Events

You Too Can Have Great Looking Hair

Big day coming up? I know how frustrating it can be when I go to style my hair, and no matter how much I spend or the stylist I try, my lackluster hair looks… largely the same. If your hair is anything like mine, welcome, you are why Millie Pearl exists.

Most days, we can make do with our hair. A slight up do here and a ponytail there and we’re able to get through the day – but now a big event’s coming up, a special one at that, and we need more than “just enough” to complete our look. Millie Pearl extensions are the exact thing you need to take your hair from dull to the talk of the night!

Feel And Look Exceptional

They say our hair is our crowning glory, Millie Pearl premium hair extensions ensure your crown is as beautiful and elegant as you. The quality of our hair is unmatched in the industry, each strand is as thick as can be and is cut to blend seamlessly into your existing hair. Lots of brands claim to provide “luxury hair extensions,” but what sets us apart is that unlike them, we actually do! One touch is all it’ll take to convince you.

At Millie Pearl, every set of extensions is hand blended for your unique head of hair. Our hair extensions will last 6-9 months with 6 week maintenance, meaning that you can not only wear them for your big day, but for months after.

Experience The Glamorous Side Of Life