New Hair, New You

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You chopped all your hair off in defiance to the old and now you’re three months into the pain that is known as ‘growing your hair out’. Maybe you dyed your hair brown because the ex liked blondes and now you’re left with a faded ombre that doesn’t quite look on purpose but more impulsive. Maybe you’re ready to get back out there and start dating but feel less than confident with your thin hair.
Girl, you are not alone. We see you.

Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions knows the importance of feeling confident in life, especially in a new chapter. Our hair extensions offer you the most natural looking head of hair with high quality, ethically sourced hair as well as seamless blending of the extensions and your natural hair. We use silicon lined hair beads that not only are small and discrete, but the gentlest on your existing hair. Whether you’re looking to add some volume, some length, some color, or some of everything, we pride ourselves in co-creating with you to achieve exactly the look you’re desiring.

Imagine yourself walking into that first date with confidence that turns the whole restaurants head. Or running into your ex at that coffee shop you used to go together that you know you should really stop going to but you’re having a great hair day so who really cares? Or better yet imagine waking up with great hair that makes you feel less self-consciousness, showing up for yourself everyday, and loving yourself first. Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions is here to help.

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