Look and Feel Your Best in Front of the Camera

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Headshot’s are crucial in the acting/model world. They convey your personality as well as your versatility and you keep them around forever because it’s a pain in the ass to shoot a whole new batch of photos. Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions specialize in discrete hair extensions. The kind no one knows you’re wearing because they look exactly like your own hair. Whether you’re acting on set, modeling for a magazine cover, or having your headshot taken, we understand the importance of needing confidence in those situations and for some of us our hair is our achilles heel.

Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions give you options to style your hair in different ways for whatever the shoot calls for, and you’re not limited to clip-in hair extensions that the hair and makeup team bring to set that hopefully match your hair. Yikes! Our hair extensions are attached to your hair with the tiniest silicon lined bead. Unlike micro bead hair extensions and hand tied hair extensions, our beads are the gentlest method on your hair because they aren’t heavy, they protect your hair with the silicon lining, and they move 360 degrees allowing any HMU artist on set to manipulate your hair without stressing they will look fake in all the photos.

If you’ve been thinking about how you can remain (and look) fresh with some new headshot’s, going to auditions, booking that major gig…just imagine yourself walking in with gorgeous, thick, natural looking hair and hearing, “You have great hair!”. We know it’s a game changer.

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