Hair Thinning After Baby?

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We have all heard a baby will wreck your hair. You either gain a ton of hair when you are pregnant or lose it all once that sweet bundle of joy enters the world. Then once the sweet babe is here, he/she will inevitably pull, puke, and cry into your hair that is falling out clumps in the shower adding more stress to the already chaotic day. This can be an awful feeling for a new mom. Maybe the kids are older and your hair never grew back the same. You’re feeling self-conscious about it and like there is nothing you can do.

Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions are your ticket to stressing less about your hair and enjoying life more fully with your loved ones. Our hair extensions are not only the most discrete on the market, but they are the gentlest method with our silicon lined beads. Unlike hand tied hair extensions and micro bead hair extensions, Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions is not a one size fits all brand because we understand the importance of individuality in all aspects of a woman’s life. Her hair being a big one! Hair extensions can be as low or high maintenance as one chooses. We suggest washing your hair 1-2x a week as to keep the integrity of the hair intact and take less stress off of you because if we’re being honest, Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions hold the curl for days and look amazing even after a week of no washing.

Imagine going five days without washing your hair and it still looking great (despite what might actually be in your hair). Or see yourself heading into the school fundraiser and lighting up the room with confidence instead of shrinking into self-consciousness. Being a mom is hard. Millie Pearl Luxury Hair Extensions would love to take some of that stress away from you and replace it with joy.

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